Felix FeLOL Toys

Employment opportunities because parrot toys are serious business.

Felix FeLOL Toys

The Felix FeLOL Toy line! A growing line of parrot toys specifically created with the curating of an African Grey. Specifically, Felix.

The Shredinator, available in multiple colors, except yellow. A hanging toy begging to be demolished.

The Felix Box o'Excitements! An all in one box filled with the very best ideas for excitements. It's all gathered together for a simply open it, offer it moment.

Refill kits are available to keep the exciteables going. Each box includes a Felix Snack Attack Sample Pack of FelixEATS from Christine's! Because going half way would be weirdo.

The BirdHouse Bird Toys is the exclusive seller for Felix FeLOL Toys. When you buy a toy, she gives one to a rescue parrot. To date, Lisa has given away 2350 toys.
I'm super cereal proud to be working with a toy maker with a big heart, and patience. Lots and lots of patience because Felix is picky about what a Felix FeLOL Toy is, you just don't go throwing this together. He'll just go around throwing things on the floor.


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