Connecticut Parrot Society

A leading Advocacy and Rescue group!

Connecticut Parrot Society

Speaking throughout the country on behalf of companion parrots is a joy. Meeting groups and individuals hard at work on behalf of companion parrots is an honor. It's also quite humbling. Their name, Connecticut Parrot Society, understates the enormous success and works accomplished everyday by those individuals quietly working under the group name.

Visit their website. Connecticut Parrot Society  They've created countless avenues to make a difference, as well as find your next companion.

Visit their Facebook Page and connect directly. You'll not find a friendlier more energized advocacy.

I love the people in this society. So much joy and purpose and certainty as to just how they'll get their advocacy work accomplished. I am proud to hold these people as friends and advocacy partners. 

And I especially love Cooper. I met Cooper through his Dad, Michael. I met Michael because he's the VP of CT Parrot Society.  Cooper offers a talented insightful view to the working mind of a companion parrot. Also, he makes me smile wide and laugh loud.  I leave these here in this announcement page because everyone should know Cooper.

Cooper's rendition of When the Moon Hits your Eye like a Big Pizza Pie (Amore)

Cooper's rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game


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