Tokens and Totems

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Tokens and Totems

I brought a private patio fantasy to Florida from Illinois in 1999. I thought all patios and decks in Florida were always perfect all the time. Happy, bright, clean and waiting for revelers to join them in the sun.

Actually Florida patios not protected by a Florida room type enclosure are always sandy, and kinda dirty. The wind just brings in all that particle stuff from the Gulf and Tampa Bay in our area. After a few years of fighting that truth I realized the best practice was simply creating a scenario easily hosed off. I tip and lean the chairs up against the table so the seats don't collect traveling sands and soil from the shores not far away.

Our daughter was down from Illinois for a short visit to see family and friends. I miss her. She came over and we sat on the patio and talked and talked for what felt like 3 minutes, but really turned out to be hours. Her chair is the one without cushions.

I can't bare to put these two chairs back up. I see us talking in them. They make me smile.

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