Rabbits'n Parrots oh my!

Rabbits say quite a bit with those two ears.

Rabbits'n Parrots oh my!

Grumpy LeoBun ran up the ramp to his second story nap area. He's about over the flockcalling among the parrots. Currently he's looking out the wired door window all Grumpy Grandpa Thumping. His first Thump of Disdain was simple enough. Just a light tap of a "Knock it off!"

Kirby and The Horde continue their Glorious Morning Calls anyway.

His Second through 12th Thumps progressing into Bunny Ear Shakes of Doom Thumps. Heavy JumpnThumps of Irritation.

Felix joins Kirby and The Horde mimicking the Horde's own Glorious Morning Calls anyway.

LeoBun's 13th through 19th Thumps progress into Bunny Ear Shakes with a Triple Lindy BunQuake Thumps. Echoing OlympicBunThumps of RAWR! At this rate Leo may just blow another coat in there.

Snickers and Butters just flew into the scene adding Glorious Dactyl Jungle Screams of Joy.

Final Score:
Parrots 3 - Grumpy Grandpa LeoBun 0

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