Music to my ears

I love the sound of a happy flock.

Music to my ears

Cali's home sick. Poor guy. He's suffering downstairs with the flock in the bird room. Felix is asleep on his digesting perch I'm sure. It is 3:36pm and he should have polished off his after lunch before dinner snack, snack.

I can hear Butters singing "peekaboo!" Snickers is ringing his bell and growling "RAWR!" Kirby is onto his afternoon repertoire, "Good boy Kirby. chirpachirp chirpachirp, you are a good boy kirbykirby. BruiserBee! Come here. Step up. Gimme a kiss. Hey buddy. What are you doin? Chirpachirpa CHIRP!" The four members of the Horde are whistling loud and proud into their window.

Cali coughs a lung clearing hack and this sends two macaws into fake sneezing and one napping african grey into an impressive set of fake coughs.

I have no idea how Cali can even hear the gun battle on Xbox at all.

Where am I? Upstairs on the laptop writing. I noticed this is the only room in the whole house that isn't scented with bird. I do smell all the creative smells of papers, paints, charcoals, cloth and fiber and clay and wood. It's hard to get started and focused on one thing up here. I could do anything and everything is within reach. It's difficult to choose what happy I prefer. And after I choose I can see what I did not choose out of the corner of my eye.

This must be what a parrot feels like all the time.

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