I love Muscovies

Every being on the planet seeks peace. It's that simple.

I love Muscovies

Butters, formally known as a Blue and Gold Macaw, can now be referred to as 2.1 lbs of Blue and Gold Velcro.

Snickers is either guarding my desk from villains who may enter through the front door, holding a yoga pose through breath, or waiting for me not to see him trying to chew on my desk. I'll let you know in a minute how that worked out.

Jamal-Pierre and Werthers are currently "weepweepweeping" to each other, pining for their play time. Sure I'll put them together for their play time. It's all fun and games until one of them decides their penis is bigger than the others and it's a teeth chatter - boxes knocking over, rattling water bottles, hay slinging bar fight. Then it's back to pining "weepweepweep" in their own homes. The boys need their two story hutch if they are going to live together. It's like HGTV meets eHarmony.com without all the questions or decorating tips.

It's raining hard. The local Muscovy ducks are under our magnolia tree waiting and watching. I love Muscovy ducks.

Kirby is upstairs in the master bath, perched on the hand towel ring buzzing like a ham radio. A ham radio Kirby is a happy Kirby.

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