Bluejays are jerks

Who you look'n at?

Bluejays are jerks

Bluejays are jerks. Shady jerks that can't be trusted. According to Butters, Bluejays are shady jerks that can't be trusted and are as worthless as turtles that can't think around corners. She's made it pretty clear that I need to get a net and go get these scoundrels out of her backyard trees NOW.

She finds one particular Bluejay, we'll call him Dean, totally uncouth. Dean has a very impressive mimic of a whistle I've never heard before Dean, but Butters seems to identify it as a direct insult to her lineage.

Her tactic is simple; sit on top of the open door of her cage, lean toward the window with half open wings, pinned eyes and a wide WIDE open beak yelling "SNICKERS! BLAH!"

I taught Snickers and Butters "Blah" as a way to let me know when things aren't working for them. Dean is not working for Butters. Snickers keeps raising his head and looking at Butters with every anti-Dean Holler asking "HUH? WHAT?" Snickers and Butters are starting to act like a married couple.

Leobun is digging to China. He picked a spot in his condo and found the perfect corner to crack his linoleum floor. I heard the new rabbit excavation sound and ran into the dining room to see his new project. China has enough issues, they do not need an excavating LeoBun popping up in the middle of Beijing. Leo's look of, "Step back, this is a secure site." was message enough. I ran upstairs fast to get a wooden insert meant for dividing the condo to cover his digging site. He was working furiously and I was running like there was a rabbit eating linoleum in my house.

The extra bits for the condo are in the companion animal extra bits and pieces of stuff, closet. In other words I have to excavate, too. I find the prized perfectly sized wood slat and turn to run back, my big toe catches a metal rod extra bit from building the piggles condo and wham, the metal rod falls on my other big toe. I used words I've learned for when things aren't working for me.

At this moment there's a rabbit sitting on top of a wood slat blocking his work. Have you ever seen that Discovery Channel video where there's a fox jumping straight up and then diving into deep snow to route out a rabbit? Ya, that's LeoBun. I guess if you can't dig, you blast your way to Beijing.

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