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We've gathered and continue to gather wonderful Companion Parrot Advocates from around the world to write their stories and experiences. These are Advocates who are making a difference by working tirelessly in Advocacy itself, Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary and Avian Veterinarian Care. These stories, and real life experiences are here for you to read, share, learn and apply not only to your own flock, but to your own efforts inside your own companion parrot advocacy.

I hope you'll find ideas and inspiration while reading through these Advocate Articles. Remember, your thoughts and comments are important, they are integral to the success of our prime directive here; To give every parrot, every where, a happy home.

Being part of companion parrot advocacy can be as simple as sharing your stories and experiences here at FlockCall. Join in the conversation with YOUR stories!

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Relationship not ownership

Words, their meanings and the appropriate use of those words, will make the new advocacy approaches through FlockCall resonate rather than stagnate. Each of us as advocates must raise the quality of our vocabulary to raise the true awareness for companion parrots everywhere.

Flocking on an Island

In the global context and format of humans and parrots, we are all so widely different it is impossible to find an absolute truth outside of our own core reality. Conversely by seeking the perspective of other flocks we can not only improve our own flock, but elevate the truth of companion parrots globally. It takes all of us, together, to give every parrot everywhere, a happy home.

The Truth of Companion Parrots

The power of words can literally topple governments. They can also mistakenly define a group of people or species. Words poorly chosen compounded over time can destroy or build. It is the words chosen to express real truths that can rebuild any fallen land, people or species. The pen is mightier than the sword to be sure. Hashtags are this era's vocabulary to move ideas on our information highway. Consider the truth behind #GiveTheBarWings.

Planting Seeds of Advocacy

Creating a personal advocacy project isn't complicated. The core need for all advocacy, no matter the subject, is planting seeds. We are in our daily lives presented many opportunities to share our passions. We share books we've read, restaurant experiences and opinions on movies all the time. We plant seeds. It is no different in companion parrot advocacy. We are farming change.

Change comes from a Clear Message

We define the value of every one and every thing in our lives through the words we use to describe and discuss those people, companions and things. What words are you using when talking about companion parrots? Are those words improving the understanding and knowledge or are they degrading the truth. Advocacy begins with every message we send through every word we speak.

Change the Vocabulary

Every word we utilize to discuss companion parrots reflects a value onto parrots. How we discuss their care, their rescue, their lifestyle, and the literal being of companion parrots tells everyone that is listening exactly what value we place on companion parrots. We need to start growing and sharpening our Parrot Advocacy Vocabulary.

Showing 1–6 of 7 results.