Happy First Birthday Marley

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Happy First Birthday Marley

It's been a year now since the first time I saw your eyes staring back at me from that cardboard box. Looking at me as if trying say 'save me'. Had I known then what I know now I wouldn't change a thing. You're my light when I feel like I'm trapped in the dark. You're my happiness when I'm feeling sad. You're my little green nugget who I have grown to love so much.

Your life had a rough start and I'm sorry for that. I often imagine you in a nest somewhere high up in a tree with your siblings and your parents listening to the sounds of the jungle around you just being a normal baby bird. When some selfish humans decided to take you from everything you knew. They took you without knowing the damage they would cause you. Without knowing their actions would affect you forever.

You came to me with bacterial, fungal, and brain infections. Your neck was kinked and you slouched in the corner. There was no light left in your eyes, just a blank stare. Everyone told me there was no hope, you were too far gone. That I should just accept the inevitable. Even then I never gave up on you. When Claire found us and introduced us to Tony I knew, I knew in my heart to fight for you. I remember your first day of treatment. I set my alarm every 2 hours to feed you, nurture you, and love you. I spent endless hours crying and praying to God to spare you from the mistakes of humans. Every time I got up to check your box I felt overwhelmed with fear. Fear I'd find you had given up and passed on. I would watch you sleep much like I watched my son's when they were newborns and vulnerable. I would sit next to your box for hours talking to you, praying for your recovery. I couldn't eat, I could barely sleep, I cried sometimes uncontrollably. But every day I saw you grow a little stronger. I saw the sparkle come back to your eyes. I saw your will to live and fight to stay in this world. You inspired me in more ways than you will ever know.

Once you were out of near death our struggles didn't end there. You were stunted and very behind developmentally. You struggled to eat and food other than baby bird formula and I hand fed you for months. The first time you ate chop, I cried. Your first awkward uncoordinated flight around the room, I cried. The first time you climbed up my body and rested your head on my shoulder, I cried. You were my little miracle and so very special to me. For months I was scared every morning I came downstairs I would find you dead, but time passed and I realized you were here to stay. The hard times were over and you had made a decision to become a permanent member of my family.

God brought us together my love. He put you in my life for a reason. Not only to save you, but to save me. Before you I was lost, alone, sad. Living in a country away from my family, my friends, and everything I ever knew. I had lost my faith in God, and mankind. You gave me hope, you inspired me to believe and trust others. There are good people in this world and miracles do exist. I'm just fortunate enough I get to see my miracle every morning, and his name is Marley. To many more years together my little green nugget. I love you.

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