Extreme Chop

Extreme Chop For extremely happy beaks!

Extreme Chop

I wanted to share with you all how we make one of our more "extreme" food mixes here. I only wish I would have remembered to take more photos of the process! The first photo is what the result looks like.

extreme parrot chop

First, I run the following through the food processor, mix it up, and then dehydrate to a crisp: various peppers, carrots, cooked sweet potato, parsley, watercress, cilantro, apple, kale, collard greens, oranges, green and yellow zucchini, green beans, and snap peas, and ginger (with chia seeds mixed in)

food processor

Then, I sprout various seeds and dehydrate: chick peas, adzuki beans, mung beans and lentils

whole grains

I add cooked and dehydrated squash. Then dehydrated papaya, mango, banana, apple, raspberries and blackberries.

legumes and sprouts

healthy vegetables and fruit

Then I make a thick grain bake by combining light and dark flax seed, wheat berries, buckwheat, steel cut oats, hulled millet, ground almonds (almond flour), ground coconut flakes (coconut flour), and cooked quinoa, jasmine rice, amaranth and bulgar. 6 eggs are used to hold it all together, along with some flax oil, and bee pollen is also added. I spread it all thin on a stainless steel pan coated in coconut oil, bake until dry and crisp and crumble it up to suitable sizes.

grain bake dough

I mix everything together and add mixed nut assortments (usually from nuts.com), Tea4Beaks raw Goin' Green mix, and some cut up millet sprays.

(Sorry, no measurements. I never measure, I just throw in whatever I think is a good amount of each)

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