Parrot Rescue, Sanctuary and Conservation

The wealth of knowledge and experiences runs deep and true inside a parrot rescue.  Here you will find opinion, stories, information and knowledge to better understand companion parrots, as well as the work to be done in rescue itself. We're always on the look out for rescue and sanctuary caregivers who are willing to tell their stories. Knowledge is power.  Learning from those caring, rehabilitating and protecting companion parrots can only make us all stronger in our efforts and in our flock.

Rescue Parrots aren't thrown away misfits. On the contrary, a companion parrot in a rescue is a companion in need of a flock. They find themselves homeless, not defective.

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What rescue really means

Words are powerful. They can steer us into the best of choices and understanding, or they can destroy a conversation and a goal. Mindfully choosing and rightfully using words not only makes our work stronger, but defines our advocacy clearly. What of the word "rescue"? Rescue has taken on a meaning these days that can muddle the real picture of companion parrot advocacy. Pam makes a simple but poignant example with the story of Cracker.

There is Always Hope

Playing matchmaker in rescue is like putting together a very large puzzle. So many pieces have to be filtered, it takes a while to find the matching pairs. But when they are found, the picture is perfect.

How to Rate a Rescue

How does one truly rate a rescue and it's validity? When do we do more harm than good in that judgment? Pam Hill walks us through the variables and answers that question.

The Value of Volunteers in Rescue

Advocacy comes in many forms. Volunteering is just one form, and it's value and meaning seems to be underrated completely. What does it mean to you to volunteer time, finances and resources? What does it mean to the Rescue, and most importantly what does it mean to the Parrots in care? The options inside volunteering are vast and wide, and all are powerful.

Supporting Rescue in So Many Ways

There are so many ways to support your preferred rescue. The options are vast and can literally be worked into anyone's lifestyle. Sharing awareness, sharing money, time, items used in companion care and simply visiting a local rescue and playing with the parrots. Yes, sharing the company of companion parrots is a huge piece of the support puzzle in rescue. Let's look at all the options, that make all the difference.

Jack and his Rescue

Every surrendered companion parrot can be a revelation for a rescuer. Each individual parrot has their own journey to take through the process of change, learning to trust, and recognition of hope. Pam tells the story of Jack. Her project and her epiphany.

Showing 1–6 of 18 results.