Stuffed Broccoli Log Recipe

Guarantee healthy eating by creating an employment opportunity with food! Foraging foods are a great vehicle for nutrition.

Stuffed Broccoli Log Recipe

The ingredients list is completely open to your parrot's preferences, and your preferred nutrition requirements.  This particular recipe is how I am currently making this foraging food.  It'll change with the seasons as different fruits and veggies are available fresh.  BUT you always start with a big broccoli stem.

Cut the floret bunch off the top, skin and wash the broccoli stem.

Core the center out and chop the removed center into small pieces, or puree it in a blender.

Mix the broccoli core mash with crushed blueberries, humus flavor of choice, chopped walnuts and mashed apple.

Fill cored broccoli stem with Mash Mix.  You can serve one long stem to large parrots, or cut into appropriate sized sections for smaller companions.

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