Parrots Act Like Parrots

There is no such thing as a bad bird. There is only inappropriate expectations and lack of understanding of a bird.

Parrots Act Like Parrots

Expectations are the absolute root of parenting frustration with our birds. It is. Our expectations grow as we become more comfortable with our companion parrots, but what hasn't changed, during all the days, weeks, months and years we may spend with our parrot, is the fact they, our companions, are still a PARROT.

I have many artistic fixes to the flock's handy work around our house. Chew marks, holes, dents and the like can be covered with beautiful murals. Only I and that bird and my husband know what is a fix, and what is a purposeful piece of art. But isn't a fix purposeful?

There is no such thing as a bad bird. There is a bird that needs more understanding and communication. There is an parent who has forgotten his best friend is still a parrot. There is a parrot who is trying to get attention. But there is never a bad bird. On those days where we find ourselves stretched for time, money or scheduling issues we will also find the very thing we love about our parrots is the very thing that feels stressful. Breathe. Look into those eyes. Remember they are a parrot.

I was foolish enough to leave Felix alone for an hour upstairs in the Master Bath. And THANK GOODNESS! How else would I have known that this wall needed an artistic fix, if not by Felix's helpful suggestion and prep work.

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