Parrot Step Up

In all we do to communicate with our parrots, the smartest move we can make is making those moves slower. Every bird appreciates a moment to think and act.

Parrot Step Up

Yesterday I had a great in home visit with a flock of two. A fabulous Grey named Sherman and his dad. Sherman "nips" on dad at every step up. One foot, nip. Sherman has been doing it for quite a while it seems. Sherman is a VERY good Grey outside of that one little issue. I asked his parent to have him step up for him so I could watch the process. Sherman stepped up 5 times for me to see, in 5 different places. I found the issue on the first of the five step ups. And the issue wasn't with Sherman.

All this time, his dad was moving too quickly for Sherman. Sherman would only have one foot on his hand before dad started moving away from his perch. Poor Sherman was saying, "Hey, slow down, I'm not all the way up yet!" After dad slowed down in his presentation of his hand, and after waiting until Sherman had both his feet firmly planted on dad's hand THEN dad moved on. Sherman stopped nipping immediately.

So remember, in our fast paced day, it's still good to allow our birds transition time. It can be easy to sweep our baby away after their first step up to us and move forward to the next thing for sure. But slowing that down and doing a "STEPS up" may just be the ticket for a more relaxed parrot.

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