Nobody's Got All this Right

Consider the view from their perch.

Nobody's Got All this Right

Nobody's got all this right.

You can relax now. Go ahead and let it go. You know what I'm talking about, that small stressful angst in the back of your head. You worrying if you are feeding all the right foods, if you are providing enough toys, if you are providing enough time, if you have enough space, if you measure up. Let it go. Nobody's got it all right anywhere all the time. No companion parrot anywhere has the perfect life or setup, no matter what you may be told, what you have read or seen, or what photographs you've seen. Nobody's got it all right anywhere, because there isn't a human on the planet that is perfect or selfless all the time. So let it go.

I ask this for a serious reason. We talk about the health of our companions, but we do not talk about the health of the caregivers to our companions; us. We can't be what they need if we are in a state of stress over things we can't control. Nor can we be what we need to be for advocacy if we are in a state of stress, judgement and emotionally charged hate. It's time to be more forgiving to ourselves, and those we hope to change or help. I am serious. I am also no longer tolerant of people who would rather use tragedy as emotional fodder to attack for random vague changes that only feel good, but leave much to be done that hasn't been discussed. I am done with those that shoot first, then aim. No matter how bad a situation is, how stressed or challenging our own flock issues are or how bad an advocacy need looks it is IMPERATIVE we create inspiration for fixing the situation. No good things come from raw emotional charge. Because there is no control and there are no plans. But there will be a wake of bad feelings that destroy opportunity. There is no point to anger, judgment or self-loathing. There is power in inspiration driven from a core of empathy for every one and every bird involved, including yourself. That's the true power, seeing the potential. Seeing the hope. Seeing what can be done.

Nobody's got all this right, but somebody has to stand up and lead through calm example and say if the best is being done, that's pretty good. It's good for us, for them, and for the advocacy projects at hand. If the best is not being done, then how can I help through calm advocacy and a kind heart driven by inspiration? That's where we need to start for each other, ourselves and advocacy needs.

Let me repeat myself, because I have to anyway. Companion Parrots are not complicated! Their needs are straight forward, and can be listed and met without drama. If you meet the simple requirements, and then balance them inside your lifestyle, you are doing better than you think. If joy and love grows between you, your companion and your flock family, then you have fertile ground. So stop comparing yourself to other flocks, and stop judging others to your standards. Let's just stop it.

If you see a situation that requires improvement, see the inspiration in it first. See the happy ending to be through cooperative kindness. I don't care how many bad stories you've heard, read or have been handed down the gossip chain. I don't. REAL advocacy, the stuff that sticks, starts with a calm, kind and nonjudgmental intervention. Attacking anyone with accusations immediately closes doors of opportunity. To help, to grow, to inspire you do what it takes to keep that door of opportunity open.

I'm about opportunity, hope, change and empowerment. I'm not about enraged shared petitions presenting a photo for the masses to feast on to feed that rage. I am not about setting absolutes for companion parrot flocks, because every flock is different. You make the best of what you have in a given situation. The acid test is does joy and love grow? If yes, celebrate. If no, seek opportunity to inspire.

I will be introducing our first major advocacy project next week. It's big, bodacious and glorious! It is full of opportunity for a large number of companion parrots. There are amazing people and professionals coming on board to fix, educate and upgrade this situation. I am beyond ecstatic and proud to have been invited to help in this process. And by my joining, YOU are invited to join. This isn't a short project, this is going to be a year long endeavor to change things, processes and minds. But everyone knows the best things take time and effort. Easy is cheap. Hard is untold treasures.

Today I write this article for two simple reasons. One; to remind my FlockCall Family our flocks are joys, and we must support each other and ourselves with kindness and appreciation to each others personal lifestyles. Second; to let you know FlockCall projects will be big and small, but all those we are helping and who are open to opportunity and inspiration will be respected for that simple act. Some photos will hurt your heart. Some hearts may be broken. But I ask you see the potential and the opportunity and rest in the idea you only see pictures in the process of change and improvement! You can be part of an amazing story of not only changing companion parrot lives, but the lives, ideas and knowledge of the people around them.

That's the KEY to the FlockCall Way. You can not separate the parrots from the human element. This is a package deal. We approach these situations and projects in a holistic manner. We can't improve the lives of companion parrots if you do not also improve the minds of the people around them. This takes time and this take empathy.

Be open to understanding others contexts and knowledge. And help me make big changes in big ways by being an opportunity seeking inspiration. Companion Parrot Rescue has been a life saving practice, but it's not curing the illness. It's just stabilizing the patient. We have to cure the illness first. The illness is simply lack of knowledge of the truth. The truth is simply empathy. Empathy toward each other and companion parrots. But to create empathy you have to first offer it.

I can not do this alone. This can only happen TOGETHER. Join me.

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