In plain sight

A good view is good for every bird.

In plain sight

I went cave exploring in Tennessee long ago. The tour entered a massive cathedral room and at one end was a black hole that we were told dropped 300 feet straight down. The slope of the rock floor curved this 50 foot length of black. Standing in that fully lit area was unnerving while looking at that black hole promising a 300 foot drop. They turned off the lights as they told the story of how this cathedral was first discovered with a gas lantern. That moment set my heart racing and vertigo hit like a truck. The lights came back on and I could not wait to get out of there.

Watching our flock enjoy visual information intrigues me because of that experience. I love watching Felix look out windows. He's thinking hard on things. I can tell. Snickers and Butters won't go into their open cages to eat breakfast until I open the window blinds in front of those cages. Since they face east we have to wait until the Florida sun is done beating on that side of the house. 11-ish is when they eat their second breakfast. Snickers eats from another bowl that's in front of Felix's window until then. Butters grabs a beak full of food from the center tree stand and perches in front of the south facing window to look out. Food with a view is important to the crew.

Views and extended visual information is a powerful gift for our companions. They need things to think on, day dream about and thoughts to get lost in as much as we do.

And Butters needs to keep an eye on the turtles that may or may not come out of the creek behind the house. Butters hates turtles. She has taken ownership of Turtle Alarms and Safety Protocols.

Snickers keeps an eye out for the vultures, hawks and egrets that fly over the house. If their shadow gets too dark and large he sets off the alarm and flys through the house letting us all know there's incoming whateveritis he thinks that's about to attack.

The only view Kirby is interested in is from my shoulder. But make no mistake he is taking in knowledge. We've gotten so in tune I can simply walk to my next goal and he already knows whether or not he can come along. He'll jump off, wait for me to finish or get back and then jump back on my shoulder as I walk through the room. Automatic Auto Pilot Kirby.

The best part of sharing your world with a parrot is the discovery. Watching them freely discover the world around them. And then watching the different personalities react to the world.

Butters is a drama queen. Snickers is a business man. Kirby is a loyal friend. Felix is a philosopher.

I am confused philosophically. So says Felix. It's plain to see.

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