Frozen Fruit Treat

Think seasonal and local with your nutritional creations. The goal for foraging foods is to deliver high nutrition packed inside high employment values. Seasonal foods are local, and higher in nutrition than crops grown and shipped to you for convenience and out of season availability.

Frozen Fruit Treat


  • One orange
  • Veggie or Fruit Juice (of your preference of course)
  • Nuts and chopped whatever your trainer likes.


Cut the top 1/8 off an orange, now scoop out the innards without hurting the skin. Chop up and mash the orange innards and mix with your favorite juice. Add chopped nuts of choice. Pour all that back into the orange skin bowl. Freeze it in the Freezer inside a ziplock baggie.

Once frozen, you can cut it into wedges or you can just hand it over to a big bird.

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