Creating a Happy Flock

Your relationship with your parrot is the first step in success. Not training techniques or nutritional fads.

Creating a Happy Flock

What is "happy" inside a companion parrot lifestyle? What is "happy" generally? For me, a true happy is a state of gratefulness lacking desire, jealousy or wants beyond necessity. To be happy is to be gratefully content in the now. Which, if you are going to share your world with parrots,is very important. Because parrots live in the here and now, not the then or soon. They are 100% now creatures. Being a happy individual while carrying on a relationship with a companion parrot really makes things simple.

We humans can really snowball our way through life worrying about things that are not real, but could be one day if certain things take place that we have no idea will happen anyway. We humans love to hang onto old experiences carrying them like badges of honor to show others as a rationalization of our current state or state of mind. We humans can take a disappointment or setback and create a storyline of such epic proportions that we now have a battle weapon of defense to plow forward in our day. Call it the carpet bomb of misfortune. Oh yes, those around us will feel our rage and wrath. That'll fix THEM, those that offended or denied us our rightful whatever it is!

Or how about viewing TV programming, or social media posts that create a moment of pang, a twing of desire, for something you do not have or maybe even cannot have, jealousy blooms. Now for just a second, you may see your flock as lacking because they are not a talking African Grey. Or possibly, you see a DIY show that has a backyard perfect for parrots and you may never be able to create. And yet, in your living room your bird awaits to be part of your day, and happy to do it in that very simple living room.

I am a firm and resolved believer in the idea that a successful companion parrot lifestyle starts with the human in the room. You can't train a parrot to ignore your own emotions. You can't click train a parrot to not notice when you throw your cellphone down in anger. You can not positively reinforce a parrot to not want companionship until YOU are ready when arriving home after a hard day at work. You can not use any of the currently promoted techniques by behaviorists, nutritionists or vets to circumvent a personal anger, frustration, arrogance or jealousy that reverberates. Now, you can invite and invoke parrotology into your own personal growth and let your flock join you in the the great race I call the Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle. Every birdy crosses the finish line happier and healthier.

Whether you brought a parrot home because you felt you needed a friend, or you adopted a rescue parrot because your visit at the rescue was a moment of love and attachment does not matter. Whether you were given a sweet bird from someone who was moving, or you couldn't stop yourself at some pet store due to that sweet face looking at you, it makes no difference. What makes a difference is the realization that right now, in your life exists the potential for such extreme moments of simple joy, it feels too easy to attain. Maybe you are toying with the idea of a parrot, because a neighbor, or a social media post tempted the idea. Possibly you've seen parrots in pet stores while buying a dog or cat toy and you gave the idea a moment. It just doesn't matter how, because the how is the front door. The home is the flock together privately. And there, is the incubator of joy and contentment and simple happiness.

From me to you, and I mean this with painful sincereity, today is a good day. It is the only day you can count on because yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a promise that may not be kept and this moment is all that is real. And if you have a flock, you have just about everything you need. If you have a family or afriend and a flock you have it all, you are rich beyond measure. And I promise you from the depths of my being if you never make chop for your parrots, they will love you the same.

The Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle isn't about what you read in social media, it's not about parrot peer pressure, it is about you, them and now. Do not waste that moment.

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