The Birdhouse

Original toy designs. From the heart of an advocate.

The Birdhouse

Birdhouse steps up and in to provide personal bird toy designs you'll find no where else. Birdhouse supports rescue and advocates for our companion parrots. We love their toys. I love their heart.

Visit them at their store.

And on their Facebook page.

Who are you supporting when you shop at the Birdhouse?

The following recipients benefited from sales, gift boxes, and donations directly:

A Helping Wing
Soft Landings Parrot Rescue
Happy Wings
Ruffled Feathers in Kentucky
Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee
North East Tennessee Avian Rescue and Rehabilitation
Beyond the Pack
Baird's Nest
Rio's Roost
Prego Dalliance Sanctuary
Eclectus Ark
A Tropical Concept
The animal Control in Owasso Oklahoma
Ginger's Parrot Rescue
Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Florida Parrot Rescue

Individuals who find themselves in need. Lisa sends them food as well as toys, as needed without fanfare.

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