The Art of the FlockCall

The Art of the FlockCall Create your Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle.

The Art of the FlockCall

Bringing a parrot into your world is a lifestyle choice. You aren't choosing a pet. You are bringing in a collaborative, cognitive, opinion forming companion who will look to you for a relationship, not a cracker.  

  • Learn the steps and understanding of T.R.U.S.T. creation.
  • Create your personal language highway for honest clear communication between you and your parrot.
  • Realize that you have a companion for life, not for convenience. As with all great relationships compromise, humor and empathy are required.

The steps and insights you'll need to walk this fantastic path you've chosen are all in The Art of the FlockCall.

Available on Amazon in full color ebook/Kindle format or simple photo free print book:  HERE .

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