Parrot Outreach Society

A FlockCall Rescue Partner.

Parrot Outreach Society

Parrot Outreach Society is a 501©(3), non-profit organization. Parrot Outreach Society is a NO KILL organization working to create awareness of parrots throughout the world by supporting international conservation efforts and local public education regarding pet parrots. We currently maintain 6 programs: education, rescue, rehabilitation, foster care, adoption and conservation. Parrot Outreach Society is a FlockCall Rescue Partner in the highest regard. Parrot Outreach Society has an incredible success rate in the rehoming of companion parrots and they couple this success with education outreach programs and followups. Parrot Outreach Society defines the word outreach. They are a powerhouse leader on the Central West Coast of Florida. 

Parrot Outreach takes in all parrots, regardless of the reason, to find appropriate, loving homes for them. POS provides community education at local adoption event, makes presentations to organizations and clubs upon request. Parrot Outreach Society also helps families in temporary crisis or need of food to enable them to keep their parrot.

I can not speak highly enough of the vast amount of advocacy that comes out of this one organization, that was and is sustained by it's Founder, Pam Hill.

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