Oliver's Garden Bird Toys

Toys are employment opportunity. These toys are also way too much fun.

Oliver's Garden Bird Toys

I first found Oliver and his toys via Facebook. I love this line of handcrafted toys for very specific reasons. They are gorgeous!  As an artist I love their design, colors, and themes. As a parrot mom, I love the quality of the toys themselves. Tough, heavy, clean, pristine and again, full of expressive play. Their selection is wide and they have ideas for all parrots big or small, picky to playful.

Seriously, I get these in the house, and I am tempted to use them for myself, as those decor pieces in the house. Their quality isn't "toy" grade. They are crafted. Felix and the flock recommend them, too.

Stop by their store, OliversGarden, and take a moment to look over their great selection and creative offerings.

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