New Wings Bird Rescue and Sanctuary

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New Wings Bird Rescue and Sanctuary

New Wings Bird Rescue and Sanctuary is a privately run Ontario, Canada rescue for Companion Parrots needing new homes. New Wings Bird Rescue and Sanctuary is a FlockCall Rescue Partner in the highest regard.  I met Deb through introduction via another Advocate Author here and after a few phone calls and conversations I knew that Deb not only met FlockCall's criteria but would become a leader in the conversation of ending unnecessary breeding and turning that into necessary rescue. She is FlockCall's point person on converting the old breeding mentality to the new companion parrot rescue advocacy.  Deb's heart is as big as her dreams. I like that best about her.

New Wings Bird Rescue and Sanctuary in Napanee, Ontario, Canada was established in 2000. Working in close partnership with Veterinarian Doctor Wendy Korver
Bowmanville Veterinary Hospital, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada to provide the very best of care and rehabilitation to Parrots in need.

After spending many years as a breeder of small Parrots – Budgies, Lovebirds, Conures and similar species – the personal adoption of Deb's beloved Green-winged Macaw, Sky, forced her to take a huge step back. The extreme abuse that this beautiful, gentle Macaw had suffered was beyond cruelty. Deb retired from active breeding and has devoted her life and passion for Parrots to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing where possible of unwanted Companion Parrots. And through my work of, I  support and celebrate her example, passion and successes.

rescue greenwing macaw

Deb Thrift has made it her mission to use her love of writing and years of experience on both sides of the perch (so to speak) to enlighten, encourage, and educate owners and would-be owners of Companion Parrots on the need for loving, committed, trust- and respect-based relationships.

Deb is also an Advocate Author for bringing an experienced past, a heart for all Companion Parrots and a vision of changes needed in her work with companion parrots.

You can find out how to support or donate today! 

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New Wings Bird Rescue and Sanctuary also runs a toy shop to support their rescue work!  Visit Chuey's Chewables Facebook page!

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