Marden's Ark Avian Refuge

Rescue and Sanctuary at it's best.

Marden's Ark Avian Refuge

Marden's Ark Avian Refuge is a 501(c)(3) companion bird rescue. Marden's Ark is also a FlockCall Rescue Partner of the highest regard. Their goals and companion parrot advocacy work strike the centered mandate of  "Together, give every parrot, everywhere, a happy home."

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Marden's Ark goals are to build year-round livable aviaries in which to house birds in a natural setting where they can live as birds are meant to live: flying, living in flocks and foraging. Marden's believes that all lives are valuable and their work promoting rescue, rehabilitation, and well-being of companion birds reflects this belief.

Marden's Ark strives to follow the model set by Project Perry, a fantastic sanctuary in Louisa, VA. Matt Smith has built an excellent organization with amazing standards of care and a sustainable business model. Marden's goal is to move in the same direction with many of the same goals while following Matt's philosophy that birds deserve flight, a flock and enrichment/foraging in their environment in order to thrive and enjoy their lives. The current board of directors is comprised of six members - Lauri Hurd, Alicia Jurney, David Van Wyck, Krissi Geary-Boehm, and Founders Brian Hicks and Dee Hicks.

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I have been lucky enough to meet and share time with Brian and Dee. I say lucky because these two individual's drive and sacrifice inspire my own work.

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