Everything Birds

Shop for your companions and support companion parrot rescue work.

Everything Birds

Everything Birds' owners bring their rescue volunteer and advocacy backgrounds to the floor of one of Florida's largest parrot toy and accessory stores. I appreciate their drive to financially support local rescue work. Where there is a need, they fill it. Without pause. They just do great things. Because they can. Because they seek opportunity. I appreciate them.

I'm proud to work alongside them. Felix and I will be speaking there two times a year in that joint effort. When you shop there, you'll be working alongside them, too. They've got all a person could need for a parrot, at the best prices. They are Felix Approved!

Visit their Facebook Page.

Visit their website. This year they are opening an online store, so anyone, just about anywhere can have access to these savings and toys. And remember, shopping at Everything Birds supports parrot rescue work.

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