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The products, services, companies, rescues and sanctuaries found in my FlockCall Recommended Shop page all share the desire to help give every parrot everywhere a happy home. I offer these people, products and services because they meet the high standards of FlockCall and serve the purpose to promote the best of companion parrot care and concerns.

I've listed my books and products alongside other's who work as hard and sincerely as I do to help flocks everywhere create a successful companion parrot lifestyle. Because together, we can give every parrot, everywhere, a happy home.

Find what you need for your Companion Parrot Lifestyle. FlockCall Recommended services, products and people all support the best in advocacy for all companion parrots, everywhere.

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The National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation is a FlockCall Rescue and Advocacy Partner.

Musings of the Day; Volume 3

What's it really like inside the House of Felix? Join me in another year and a half of moments and musings. A few more personalities have been added, along with a new service model; LaFollett B&B Rest Stop. If you're on the wing, we've got just the thing!

Jack Crow Knows

Understanding ourselves is easier if we choose to see our own struggles through other’s eyes. Even when those eyes belong to a crow named Jack.An uplifting, revealing adventure. Jack Crow Knows opens a world of truths in the tradition of Aesop’s Fables, with a voice for these times. From the author of the Musings of the Day series, The Art of the Flockcall, and Directions for the Confused, comes her first work of whimsical fiction.

Directions for the Confused

We all need help with our confused. Felix delivers all a parrot person needs to know to become an excellent trainee, for their parrot. Because we all know our parrots are in charge. And we are confused. Delve deep into the simple truths and rules of communicating with your parrot. Who best to teach a human to speak parrot, than a parrot? Who's been leading the parrot way in helping confused humans? Felix!

Showing 1–6 of 19 results.