Weirdo neighborlings

A parrot IS a home security system.

Weirdo neighborlings

Felix's dreaded weirdo neighborling is chopping branches off his oak tree while standing on his roof. He can see right into our house and the birds can see him. He's lopping heavy branches and when they hit his roof the thump is LOUD. One hour in, every companion in here is jumpy. I'm offering words of comfort with their names. "It's okay Snickers! It's okay Felix! It's okay Kirby!" etc etc

After 14 cycles of calling names and saying "it's okay", I forgot my dog's name. I went through four names until I could remember Turner's name.

"It's okay, no. KirbNO. Um. Butte...GAH! T U R N E R, it's okay TURNER."

I am at maximum Companion Count for my brain.

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