Water bowl bathing

It is imperative you cultivate a sense of humor. Parrots are hilarious.

Water bowl bathing

Washing the dog's water bowl is an event for Kirby. It is literally a "thing" for him. He gets so excited while I'm washing that one bowl. He climbs up, down, and all around my shirt front, hangs upside down to get as close as possible to the bowl in my hands, walks out to my hand via my forearm to inspect my work and spends a good amount of time pretending to bath.

You see he's like Felix. He's a water bowl bather. But not just any bowl. It has to be THIS bowl. And it has to be this bowl right after I've washed it. Set on the T that separates the two sinks. Filled with cold filtered water direct from the fridge.

In this place, time and status Kirby can get his bath on.

I sometimes just let the dogs drink the water when he's done. My own personal inside joke.

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