The perks of a menagerie

I can't suffer from empty nest syndrome. I refilled our nest!

The perks of a menagerie

A plumber walked into our kitchen/dining yesterday and found one bunny, one piggles, one African Grey, two dogs and four cockatiels. He asked how many kids we had. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Coffee. Is. So. Perfect. With half-n-half. Not milk. No sugar either. Other than that, perfect.

Turner lost 20% of his body weight while he was out in the big bad world. He lost 0% of his Yorky Attitude. Bruiser is currently deciding whether or not he is happy about Turner's return.

I get to write all day today. All. Day. This is a good thing.

Felix is running for President. After the most excellent people of Britain ceased the day, I see this is as perfectly normal. 

A macaw can fall in love with toe nail clippers. Be advised.

When bringing a bunny home you are also installing a full Home Monitoring and Motion Detecting Surveillance System. If an intruder tries to break in, your dog tries to walk down stairs, you try to go to the bathroom, or a cricket wakes up your Motion Detecting Bunny with immediately THUMPTHUMP while throwing his blocks across his condo while running up the ramp to the second floor to THUMP louder while tossing his paper cups down to the condo's first floor. This will trigger the Secondary Warning Terrier System to immediately roll over and start licking your face. After that, it's up to you to handle your defenses.

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