The Horde knows

Oh the truths we will learn from the smallest of those.

The Horde knows

I have a back-scratcher. It is awesome. It is not a parrot. It is bamboo. It is also a thing of hellish fear inducing threat to all the birds. I'm waiting for Snickers to grab it, drop it, scream at it and dismantle it. He's a Hellish Fear Inducing Threat Assassin.

LeoBun will let me brush his butt if he's eating a baby carrot. Every one has a price.

It's a dark and rainy day. The Horde line up in a close knit row on dark and rainy days to look out the dark and wet window. They are so cute allopreening each other right now. Watching them be so happy in such a simple way reminds me to calm down and appreciate the little things. Or the 2.1 lb Blue and Gold Velcro thing.

It's raining, and has been for a while now. The neighbor is mowing in the rain with a lawn mower that does not want to mow wet grass. And quite frankly from the sound of it's dismay I'm betting that mower isn't impressed with dry grass either. Have mercy on that mower, neighbor. Seriously. Let it go man.

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