The Big Doodle

I have a living comic in almost every room of our house. And I take one with me, if the room is missing one.

The Big Doodle

If you haven't found a reason to laugh today. Consult your local companion parrot. Parrots are professional funny bone locators.

Every morning is like opening Christmas packages around here. Snickers, Kirby and Butters are the last to get up in the morning and wait patiently, if not sleepily, in their bedroom roost cages to be uncovered and released into their day. And like a Christmas gift, I have no idea what I'll get when I uncover those cages and first peer in to say good morning. Today's gifts included;

Shock and Awe Snickerdoodle! His first reaction to seeing me was a great big *gasp!* and then the head twists of amazement, followed by "HUH?"  The Big Doodle.

BuzzyBuzz Buzz Kirby. Perched on the edge of his hammock he peered up at me and spoke his truth of the day with a buzzy ham radio voice, "KirbyKirby. Good boy Kirby. Gimma kiss."  Cutest ham radio ever.

Chuckles the Butterbean. Butters being a girl known to conserve her energy on all matters simply looked out her door, and then at me. She quietly chuckles while inspecting her talons. I suppose a girl needs to take inventory for her day.

Parrots have telepathy. I know this because at this very moment there are three parrots growling at the window. They know FedEx is coming or, they are looking for trouble. Either way makes sense.

I may staple gun LeoBun's food bowl to the floor. He's dragging it everywhere and then up the ramp to throw it down the ramp. I understand he ate all his breakfast, painfully obvious. I understand he now suffers from the threat of the low blood sugars much like Felix, also painfully obvious. He throws himself on his side with a thud and a sigh. Over actor. There are no awards for over acting, rabbit. Except for Bugs Bunny. He got one.

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