There is no silence when the band plays together.


​The more successful you are creating trust and joy with your companions, the less you will be able to eat, sleep, clean, drink, walk, sit, lay, crawl, hide, talk, shower, pee, computer, phone, laundry, dishes or think alone. Success carefully people.

The garbage truck just went by the house. I am offering comfort to two macaws, one grey and one IRN while typing with one hand and two fingers. There's a math equation in there somewhere.

Currently Kirby is executing speed laps around the house, he should win pole position from the sounds of the WHOOSH! behind me.

A rabbit can train a Horde of Cockatiels given enough time.

Snickers likes the front window blind up. Felix wants it down. Butters doesn't care if she's left alone on my right shoulder, Kirby is too busy on lap 73 to notice but I'm pretty sure he appreciates the extra light at the apex of his turn, and the garbage truck is a block away. This all should get interesting in a few minutes.

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