Spend your time we ...SQUIRREL!


I have little skill in the spectator realm. It may be related to my lack of skill in focus. A deeper dive into my wavelengths brings up revelations of personal investment vs reward. Or shiny things. Or claiming/sharing success and limelight that happened without me involved.

MotoGP races had my attention. Riders on fast ultra sexy motorcycles dipping into and out of apex. I hold to date that there is nothing sexier than a skilled motorcyclist ripping up a GP track with elegance. I still love Ducati.

Tried NASCAR for a bit. A short bit. A super short half season of left turns. Never bought a shirt.

Tried Grand Prix for a few years. Got a free hat, still wear it. The St Petersburg Grand Prix made it easy to take in all the talent from all over the world as these magnificent beasts of speed slid through our downtown area at ridiculous speeds. Standing at a turn, watching these animals come straight at you at 100 plus mph, only to slip to the right, it's an experience worth investing in.

Basketball for a while in my youth. Because I dated a guy that like it, and played it for 3 games, he was short.

I was a wrestling cheerleader in high school. Girls that didn't fit the Football Girl requirements were tossed over to the wrestling team. It was weird.

Baseball, sure. I watch baseball while I read books. Glancing up to watch a moment in time that's epic as defined by baseball parameters. We've been downtown to the stadium. I bought a shirt once. Bought a couple hats. Also, The Brewer's stadium has the BEST brats. Soldier Field has kickass nachos. Tropicana Field has the best hot dogs. Period. All of them charge way too much for beer.

Football. Been to Raymond James Stadium downtown. Great seats. Our boss got them. The pirate ship is so cool. Bought a few shirts. Hats. I'm working on being a good wife to a good husband who is a good Bucs fan. I failed miserably yesterday. Focus? Investment vs reward? Shiny things? Not my circus. No matter. Cali was forced into a lonely place rejoicing in our team doing the impossibles. So many firsts this year. His joy is sincere, and shared by thousands of others. I tried. But I am a disappointment.

But, I am not alone! The dogs were busy in and out and in and out. The macaws were busy in their cages banging, clanging, and eating. The Horde in the other room couldn't be bothered. You can't count on a rabbit or a piggle to care about full contact sports.

And then there was Felix. He put the heretics (to include me) to shame. Laser beams pointed at Rogers. Woooos! and grumbles of supports against points scored by "the other guys". Felix was Rally Bird with his SuperSaturDad!

I came in strong the last 4 minutes of the game. I may have been more smarmy than team oriented. Yelling at the Bucs to be Spartans. Fix your damn phalanx! Lock that line down! THIS IS SPARTA! GET ME THE BALL! (That last bit is from a movie, "The Replacements".)

I like football movies, though. My favorite is Any Given Sunday. Second is The Replacements. The third, The Longest Yard (original and reboot). I can watch any movie of any length. I can sit and read a book for hours. Go figure.

The Bucs won. They bring it home to host their own Super Bowl. Congratulations to our gladiators! The NFL has offered much bread and circus merch on their website. Woo the HOOO! PEW PEW PEW!!

My favorite part of this moment is how happy my husband feels about it. Felix is happy, alsotoo.

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