Sometimes you win

I choose to find the joy in it all.

Sometimes you win

Butters perched at the highest point of the biggest tree stand puts her at about 6 feet up, maybe 6.6. At any rate she's looking down at me as if I've asked the epoch of stupid questions. Why should she get down? Why should she step up? Why should she do anything being the super powered parrot in the room? I'll vacuum around and under her since she's winning this Q & A session.

LeoBun's condo is cleaned, updated and filled with new Dixie cups, bedding, paper towel rolls, one freshly washed stuffed bear and 2 pristine sheets of paper towels. All placed carefully IN THE WRONG PLACES. LeoBun is not amused. But he's busy!

I won the battle of the rat residency today. I watched a number of them run off while I was applying the repellent yesterday and have not seen whisker nor hair of them in their usual daily runs and stances today. I did a followup application for good measure and slight attitude adjustment. A little tip for using Critter Out; Apply 10X the application recommendation. Yesterday I used about 3000sq ft of product coverage on 400sq ft. The squirrels won't even come up by the deck now and are slightly more than put off with my arrogance. I'm pretty sure one flipped me off earlier.

I'm enrolling Werthers into the Julliard School of Drama. Opening the refrigerator sends him into the death scene of some Shakespearean tragedy. I'm not sure if he wants lettuce or if he's dying of a sword inflicted wound on a battlefield in France. I swear he grabbed his chest and fell backwards when I looked at him.

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