So Very Trained

Moods and demands, those are normal.

So Very Trained

Kirby is going into a molt. This brings out Kirby Version 2.0. He needs to rub on everything, wants a bath every day, he's kinda snarky, he's kinda impatient and slightly antisocial if he doesn't want to be rubbed. Additionally, you have to rub against the grain of his feathers ever so lightly. Just enough to pull the feathers straight up so they fall back down with a little flip.  Kirby snow storm of 2017 is heavy with a chance of nippy. There is no preening him quite yet. That comes when his molt makes him look like a cat spat him out. 

This season he's discovered a roost behind our large post/beam in the dining room on the back of a guest chair, no one can see him there. Later in the day perching and floofing loose feathers becomes necessary on Jamal-Pierre's side of the Piggles Condo.

Jamal-Pierre does not care.  Werthers is ambivalent but seems to wonder why Kirby didn't bring some treats with him. 

Felix is molting. There is no Felix Version 2.0. I'm sure if there was it would set my training back years.

I hand feed The Gambini Geckos. I like doing it so I know exactly who ate and how much. It's become obvious that my training is complete as they both laid out side by side and took worm turns during today's feeding.  Donitelli is about 7 inches long now, so his teeth count for something. They are sharp little needles. I think he needs glasses, my fingers are not worms. Rotini can't be bothered to grab a worm. She just lays there with her mouth half open and waits from me to insert her mealworms.

So. Trained. Am. I.

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