Snickers' beak

Parrots make lousy patients.

Snickers' beak

Snickers broke the tip of his beak yesterday. It's not off yet, just a little 1/8th inch piece kinda there, and goes across not up. That all being said. Ouchy! I spoon fed him rice and chicken last night with a little spoon to the side of his beak. He ate fresh orange slices.

Today he's gingerly traveling and I realized the tip is still there. So it's going to be an uncomfortable couple days for him. I chopped soft fruits into proper chunks, and put them in a bowl with filter water/fresh squeezed orange juice to float in, and big chunky pellets to soak up the water/juice. I hand fed him breakfast from this bowl.

Mom is sMothering. sMothering is one of my talents.

And then Dactyl Mode kicked in.

Butters confiscated the soft foods bowl like a pirate. Snickers went to the window bowl with normal dry foods and I was like, "NO! Butters! Snickers is injured and crippled and incapable of eating anything but that from the sMothering Menu!!!"

Or not.

He's just eating sideways. And on my head right now.

When I had human kids I could force them to lay on a couch with a bendy straw and 7-Up. And they stayed there.

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