She's fragile

Why she can't possibly be asked to deal with this struggle!

She's fragile

I've got all the macaw soft perches from the cages in the washing machine today. You know the "comfy perch" types. Snickers is going commando like repelling up and down the sides of the interior of his cage to eat and drink his breakfast offerings. Snickers is Ramboing like a boss.

Butters is sitting on top of a cage door. She's bemused that work will be involved to have breakfast. In fact, I'm pretty sure she's whining. She's flown over and landed on my shoulder twice to bonk my head in protest about this whole "have to climb the cage and hang on the side to eat out of bowls" thing. There are 5 other breakfast bowls on two other tree stands of course. But the idea I've left these 4 bowls in these two cages as an obstacle course is a total insult to her fragile state.

She's Scarlet O'Hara in the potato field right now.

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