Pound for pound

Love is weightless.

Pound for pound

Sixty-two pounds. Dante DuBois LaFollett has hit his adult weight. His post surgery self is all staffy bulldog glorious. He's also proven to be an excellent shadow for his roommate, Angus Lee LaFollett. Where Angus goes, so goes the Dante.

Angus is Randy at mealtimes. He wants to stay under the piggle cage to eat, wait, and at times, sleep to wait for the next meal. As in the "Christmas Story" movie, Randy stayed under the sink to eat. Angus randy's his meals and his waiting for the next.

Dante has realized this is a thing that needs doing. Angus needs a shadow to do it well. And he is just the dog for the job.
There is nuance to randying. You just don't randy haphazard. A good randy requires being completely under the table. The Great Randy, setting precedent in the movie, sat completely under the sink. It would be heresy to not all the way under. Randying requires resistance. As The Great Randy led with three disinterested whining no's when his mother asked him to come out. You just don't cave to food.

Dante caves to food. He caves to the thought of food. Dante caves happily. Dante happilies.

Angus caves to a finite selection of foods. He doesn't cave to the thought of food. You have to produce the food, allow him to inspect the food, wait for him to weigh the value of the food against executing an action item request, smell the food a second time, and either sit, come out of randy, or take the offer outright. This can take time. There are also times after the second smell of the food offering Angus will walk away. He walks in the full circle from the dining room, to the kitchen, through the hallway, into the office, back into the dining room to meet you again. Thinking.

You may or may not have to start over at this point. Angus caves, never. Angus happilies though. Dante and Angus happily together with flourish. Peas and Carrots.

Neither of which would be a proper food offer.

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