October's fest

Gourd to know you!

October's fest

Snickers, on my head, has begun the first act of "I, Parrot". An opera he wrote telling the story of his people. His performance showcases the strength of his vocabulary expressed through his amazing vocal skills. "Snickers IS a good boooy!" Tells us all we need to know about the Scarlet Macaw in the wild.

It's October and mini pumpkins are available in the produce section. I buy these for the dactyls to destroy. After cleaning LeoBun's condo and replacing his Dixie Cups, paper towel rolls, paper towel sheets and grass knots with new ones, I gave him the smallest of the pumpkins. This Bun gets so excited with new things. After kicking it around, biting it, and kicking it around some more he made a napping spot with his clean bedding. Duly note; Buns like napping with mini pumpkins.

Kirby Lurker is perched on top of the Horde's Aviary. He and Stella are having some sort of dispute about something very critical to both of them. I've noticed just about everything is critical to a cockatiel. I have money on Stella winning this argument.

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