My blue hair

Familiarity breeds comfort for a companion.

My blue hair

Blue Hair Report:

Felix doesn't care.
Kirby doesn't care.
Snickers cared for a couple of hours and tried to remove said blue hair from my head. Realized during hour 3, it's just me in blue hair.
Snickers doesn't care, now.

Butters thinks the blue hair is not me and does not belong and can not be trusted and therefore must be shunned. She's currently fighting two truths unsuccessfully. Blue Hair is evil. Must have hair twistie. Poor Butters.

Werthers likes popcorn. I know this because I sat down by his cage to watch a bit of Werthers TV and eat popcorn. The regularly scheduled programming was interrupted by my popcorn and Werthers' nose. I let him take a sniff of a fluffy kernal. I guess he thought I meant eat it because he hung out and reached through the cage bars like a crazed zombie trying to get to fresh NonZombies for dinner. Werthers really likes popcorn.

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