Lunching with a flock

Flocking is another word for sharing.

Lunching with a flock

 Mid-afternoon snack; flax crackers smeared with raw peanut butter with cucumber slices on top. I can't eat any of that until I make portions for the flock. Skip the cucumbers, those are annoying. Felix happily licks a cracker chunk in his foods bowl. Butters eats hers on my shoulder leaving dactyly peanuty butter toe prints on my shirt. Snickers sits on the sink faucet licking his like a lollypop dropping cracker bits missing peanut butter into the dishwater below. Kirby has his half a cucumber slice and cracker chunk with peanut butter in his Kirby bowl over on the kitchen table.

There. Everyone's happy. (parrot addendum; The Horde is not impressed with any of this) I make my portion and just as I'm about to chomp on this snack attack Kirby whizzes by my left ear careful to avoid Butters on my right and lands on the lip of the open peanut butter jar, cracker chunk in his beak.

I look at him. He looks at me.

"What?" I ask.

He drops his cracker chunk into the jar of peanut butter. He looks at me. The peanut butter I had smeared on his cracker chunk is mysteriously missing! He has no idea where it went.

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