Incoming aircraft

Somebody has to be the tree!

Incoming aircraft

I like to think of myself as the Landing Zone for all our aircraft.  

Butters' lands on my head or shoulder like an albatross without a headwind. Big, bold and slightly startling. There's no reason to be startled of course, she announces her intentions with a mighty flock call of ignitions. I know she's coming, and I know when she's landed. Her arrival feels like being shoved in the hallway back in grade school. Followed by a wet willie in the ear. Because she's gotta let me know she's staying for a while.

Snickers' landing is far more subtle. You could say finessed with care. He only lands on my head and then spelunks down to my shoulder. Snickers lands lightly like a helicopter. After the landing he continues to spin in a circle for a bit before going over the edge via my ear. His foot grip is so loose and light I have no idea how he doesn't over shoot the landing and just slide off and crash to the floor in a puddle of determined feathers.

Kirby is the jet fighter. Light and nimble and stealthy as a small blue ninja. I don't hear him coming, and I barely feel him land on my shoulder. It's almost as if he teleports. It's not so much a landing as it is a ShaZAM! He really needs a poof of smoke to finish the affect off.

Felix doesn't fly, therefor he doesn't land. The LZ comes to him.

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