HGTV piggles style

Just call me the local real estate agent.

HGTV piggles style

After much mulling and measuring and budgeting we decided to upgrade the Piggles CC Cage rather than spend $300 on the Casa. Mostly because the Casa would get in my way of walking by and scooping up a piggles on the fly for a cuddle. We've expanded the Piggles Field to 5 ft by 2.5 ft added more deep bedding for digging, more toys and more boxes with different doors. Jamal and Werthers are now totally exposed for all the cuddles I want to deliver at will. Win/win if you ask me. Most likely I'll expand upwards to a second floor with a ramp next year. They call that "progress" in real estate. Piggles now live in the dining room with LeoBun.

The dining room is now renamed, "Bun'n Piggles Cafe"

Fall in Florida; you get to open you windows for a few days! The best part of that part is the fresh air triggering parrots scent. Butters gets so turned on by the open windows she releases a scent I like to call the smell of sunshine. Butters smells like sunshine, the house smells like sunshine. Oh but I do love open window fall days.

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