Great North American Popcorn

Parrots are excellent project managers. Ask any parrot.

Great North American Popcorn

Kirby has appointed himself Senior Popping Director. I am no longer allowed to operate popcorn machinery without his supervision. Seriously. He looses his mind when I turn this thing on. I'm pretty sure he's worshiping it.

The Gamibini's now live next door to the Circus of Popcorn Magic which has led to a side show. When popcorn is popping, they both go into Velociraptor Gecko hunting mode trying to kill the jumping popcorn kernels as they fall.

Someone's knocking on the front door. It's two ducks. Literally knocking on the front door. I open the door to see two duck faces in a mix of indignation and shock. Indignant they had to come around to this door to get my attention, and shock that I answered the door in the first place.

"What?" I'm talking to ducks at my front door, and the neighbors are watching trying not to look like they are watching.

"What's your problem girls?" They look up annoyed at my wasting time on questions.

"I'm making breakfast you really ought to get in the backyard. You're a little early, and on the wrong side. Get it together ladies." They continue to look up annoyed at my wasting time talking further.

"All right, well get in the backyard, hurry up." They turn and walk the wrong way.

There's only so much I can do here.

I've got a great duck call to gather the troops for meals in the backyard. It's part minion and part pig call. Basically it's me hollering, "Bello!" in some British grand dame voice. I like to think I sound like the queen. It works every time including today. Wrong Way Ladies came waddle running under the fence to join the rest of the breakfast clients. Their GPS may be broke, but their ears are working just fine.

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