Grandma's lessons

I love to sew. It's part of my nesting joy.

Grandma's lessons

"There's no point to learning how to make patterns until you learn how to sew."

Grandma had a mouth full of straight pins, she was bent over her pattern table while I was busy on her sewing machine running straight lines of stitches up and down a practice cloth. She always taught me while I sewed. She never talked about sewing unless we were in her sewing room.

And you could never walk into her sewing room without shoes on. The carpet hid many a straight pin and missing needles.

Grandma taught me to use a sewing machine well. She taught me bias, and thread and cloth and settings on the machine. She taught me how to pin a pattern properly and cut it out cleanly. Alas Grandma died before she could teach me how to make my own patterns.

I still remember the smell of her sewing room. Clean fabrics of wool, cotton, rayon, polyester and such. Clean wool smells so good. The sewing room smelled of remnants of a hot steam iron, pattern papers, clean fabrics and the slightest bit of oil. She was always cleaning and oiling her sewing machine. I can still smell that room and the joy and contentment that surrounded us when we were together in it.

I took all my skills into Home Economics classes and left the teacher and other students behind. Whipping out an apron, oven mitt and table cloth before they finished cutting their patterns. The flip side to that is I hated cooking so the apron, oven mitt and table cloth I made did not help my cause when we moved onto the kitchen area.

I bring Grandma's instruction to a very important emergency situation here. Snickers favorite toy, "the girlfriend" as we like to call them, can not be purchased anymore. Oh, sure, I've tried bringing home variables that are "close" the the real thing. These offerings were quickly relegated to the replacement pile of rejection. Or what we like to call the pile of stuffed toys on top of Butters' cage.

Here's the thing, we can't just not have this toy in the house. These are girlfriends, and he needs them to relax. He also needs them to fly with, waterboard in all the water bowls, donk Butters in the head (I am assuming this is an offering of sorts, done poorly), drop, flop, flip, throw, and masturbate. This is serious. And we are down to the last two on earth, and they are really, REALLY, starting to show their age and, um....use.

So it's back to basics! Back to self sufficiency! Back to handling my own business, or his business.

Cali surprised me with a new sewing machine and all the accoutrements necessary to not only create needed items, but be creative in textile. I am totally excited. This weekend I created 3 new girlfriends for Snickers, tents for piggles, and a custom cage cover for Felix's bedroom cage.

All these projects did what Grandma ran out of time to do. Teach me how to create my own patterns. I think Grandma is laughing and enjoying watching me. And don't worry grandma, I washed my hands before working with the machine, and I cover it when I am done. Just like you taught me.

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