Gecko eggs

I find a small joy inside the eyes of my smallest companions.

Gecko eggs

We have two Leopard Geckos. Rotini and Donotelli Gambini. Rotini laid two perfect eggs in the water bowl this morning and has spent the last 3 hours filling the water bowl with sand and excavator clay to bury her charges. She's still at it, but with less verve. She circles her mound and then fills in spaces only she can see as imperfections.

Donotelli is at the highest rock formation looking down as she does her burial work. He's not moved an inch all this time. I can't tell if he's Project Manager or staying out of the way.

After all this birthing and burying business she's going to be hungry and sleepy over the next couple of days. That girl can pack some mealworms when she wants.

This reminds me of my experiences in motherhood. I was so tired and hungry after both kids. I could have eaten the whole of what the hospital cafeteria offered, but I was too tired. I never wanted to bury the kids in sand though. At that time.

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