Food first

Every companion has their own concerns.

Food first

Butters had a grooming session at her vet's. She pout-growled all the way there, goose-honked all the way through, and said Snickers name over and over and over all the way home. I'm sure there's a macaw code in all of that.

Felix has replaced his favorite of pistachios with sriracha cashews. I know. I had to sit down for that one myself.

Thunder not only sets off car alarms, but piggles as well.

There's a FABULOUS male african grey available for adoption at our vet's office. His name is Scoley. Imagine my inner argument. Go ahead...imagine that conversation.

Today was Dad's first day back at work after being on vacation for 11 days and gone for 7 of those. Currently not one bird believes he's coming home from work. And one bird is more interested in sriracha cashews than whether or not the rest are right about that.

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