Facts of a flock

Our flock includes fur members, too.

Facts of a flock

No matter how well I clean my ears I still so appreciate the Butters Mobile Ear Cleaning Service.

When sharing a fresh Vegetable and Fruit Blend with a Lurker, wear rain gear.

Once a piggles realizes they can control you with their Veep Powers there is no going back, pretending it's not happening, or denying you are carrying around a piggles for 20 minutes because you are now a Piggles Cruise Ship.

A bored macaw will out think any human in the room. Like a super computer, but with feathers and intent.

Started making my coffee first rather than last after 19 bowls and 4 water bottles. Thank you me. That all went much smoother.

Tropical Storm Colin released the frogs. Currently our backyard is louder than our macaws. Which makes me smile a little bigger.

We lost our little dog, Turner, Friday. He left our backyard it seems. It is so very hard waiting for some sign, a call, or an email to come and make things easy again. He is so small and light, but his empty space is so huge and heavy. Every corner I turn in our neighborhood I imagine him there. Every glance outside I imagine him there. Every thought on an idea brings him into my mind.

Life goes on, no matter the weight we carry. Be kind. Your kindness in a short moment may be the only time and place another person can set their weight down to rest.

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