Egrets'n Otter things

Parrots are bird watchers, too.

Egrets'n Otter things

Butters does not like otters. Specifically Butters does not like otters;

a) rubbing their butts on her fence.
b) wrestling by her fence.
c) wrestling and rubbing their butts by and on her fence.

Otters do not care.

Additionally Butters' Otter Alarm sounds quite a bit like her Turtle Alarm.

LeoBun does not like Butters' alarms.

Butters does not care.

Otters do not like white egrets walking over and interrupting their fence grooming. Their Egret Alarm sounds like a cross between a chihuahua and a harbor seal.

Egret does not care.

It seems to me it'd be alot quieter around here if every body would be a bit more considerate.

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