Comfort, inexplicable

She offers unconditional love every day.

Comfort, inexplicable

There's a comfort, inexplicable. She rests heavy on my shoulder but her whispers and purrs are weightless. I had intended on going upstairs and doing a bit of arting. I had intended on sewing, sculpting and the like in celebration of my back letting go and giving way to less pain.

But you see, Butters saw me standing in the darkened office typing away. Just me, catching up on parrot consultations, emails and the like. The clicking was too inviting for her. She is my office assistant. The house is quiet, except for the campaign raging on XBox in the bird room. Yes, Felix likes Dad and his XBox.

Snickers is busy with his girlfriends transporting them back and forth and back and forth between cages and treetops.

Kirby is asleep one foot up with a full crop on top of the Horde's aviary. We shared lunch and he is in full digest mode.

So here I am half asleep, with a Butters purring in my ear and preening that ear randomly. How can I move? How can I break this bond simply to go art?

I can't. I'm stuck here with inexplicable comfort on one shoulder. This is the best stuck ever.

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